From the recording Walking Art

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Dontae Winslow- Trumpet, Vocals, Mellotron, Moog, Prophet 10 , Rhodes
Jedi Winslow- Moog, Keys
Queen Shic- BGV's
Darek “Future” Cobbs- Moog bass
Booby Sparks- Moog, Rhodes, Mellotron
Brian Frasier Moore- Drums

Produced by Dontae Winslow & Jedi Winslow

Mixed by Brandon Green
Mastered by Brian “Big Bass” Gardner


I been a king since A-men Hotep
Been an innovator--composing orchestrations so note
You standing with the Anointed one
spirals of metaphysics thru my
Spiritual Gun I'm potent
So Whats the quotient? I split molecules and divide protons spend my solitude on FUTONS
watching Votron, child of the 80's
Moved up from food stamps to buying houses and making babies
We the band for the TV show, cus most of these artist don't pay real doe
Lethal, i preach truth when im peering thru ya peep whole, it aint a big secret you dont really pay your people
The Jazzy Cat with all the facts, laying back in the track bringing the back pack rap back
Still black, music industry still wack, the Minstrel Show done stole that.

Bills keep coming, prices keep rises,
Nobody got money but the rich still smiling, dark brown skin they ont want us in, Get them Bigots off the Air, stop pushing that enlightenment..

Still grind, I go for mine. Still grind, I go for mine. Still grind, I go for mine

Spending my per diem yea I'm overseas
wear long locks but I don't smoke weed
Got my whole city international news everybody feeling what we do with them blues
Three genius kids Princess and Kings
Run her own business Yea my wife’s a Queen
Female boss, no weave and no perm
Where my Hard working women hustler's that earn?

I still grind .... I Go For Mine
Spending my per diem yeah I’m overseas
Wear long locks but I don’t smoke weed

I Survived the shots in 92 some died
In the vesta view that $5 ready rock
Stay in the stratosphere just like the hubble now you
see me on the rise enflating like a bubble
Most things that I be doin aint been done before, red bell with the strap, horns and microphone
Who esle you
know done rocked with Snoop and Dre LaurynHill Nas Jill Puff Jay & Ye not to mention Jay Dilla and Queen Latifah Chick Corea JGeaaa im hard stop, they know I went to school with PAC,
legend in my own time, I dare say
He who don't believe in me believes heresy
In my 1948 Pinstrip beautiful Queen
To my left Know what the Pen like
She been like you got ya own steez
She a Powerful ...gatekeeper she got her own keys,
Im sitting here thinKING about how I can be D! Innovate a whole era Dizzy Gillespie

The lone monk hidden in a Monestary,
Be the epistrophe in my epiphany
If You eclipsing me ...Ruby Still My Dear
If they ignoring your art then they just cant hear, now u just cant fear, lets see what they can get down wit, Something so unapologetic that i can Clown wit

Horn Soli