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Dontae Winslow & Winslowdynasty

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Kings Story:

"Kings" represents the possibility of what all MEN can and should be. As an African American male who grew up in "the hood" I have grown to retire my use of "the N word" in most of my conversation and from my music. I aspire to more and want my son to see more, believe more, and speak more positively about his culture, and his being. a KING is one who walks with a certain stature that shows that he respects himself, his lineage, and those around him. A King is a leader. A King is a powerful man in spirit and protects his people while always being aware of the God above him. He is faithful, courageous, sensitive, and never shuns accountability. I dedicated the haunting melody to those who give their lives in sacrifice for others to live. Hum it softly as you ponder the possibility of a world full of Kings. We are Kings!


Dontae Winslow-Trumpet/flugelhorn, Mashica Winslow-vocals, Chick Corea-Minimoog & Rhodes DJ Khalil-ArpSynthesizer, Dan Seeff-bass/guitar, Brian Frasier Moore-Drums

Chrysalis STORY: This song starts like a dream, a prophetic prayer BeMORE! A yearning to evolve, to escalate, to climb, to develop, to morph, to be changed to be transfigured. It is my story and your story, the story of a beautiful butterfly who starts his life as a beautiful (yet seemingly ugly Pupa) then caterpillar. We all think we are worse, look worse, perform worse than how God sees us. So this song explores the sonic beauty of evolution thru Rap, Trumpet, Vocal solo by MaShica Winslow, drum solo by the amazing virtuoso Brian Frasier Moore, and then legendary pianist and synthesizer player Chick Corea. Mashica opens up the song in its widest spectrum with her emotional cry, and Queen-like declaration of her values, newness, and realizations.

Chick Corea is one of the greatest modern piano players of our time. he heard the songs Chrysalis and said, "It's a beautiful piece of music." It was amazing to hear Chick comping rhodes chords to my rap and respond to the rhythm. He played to each soloist on the song differently, it's amazing to hear. His love for his beautiful wife Gayle is also something I admire in him as a man, husband, and musician. We dedicated the song to George Duke because he agreed to play on it a few weeks before he died, and the song represents the love of man and woman as well as the development towards the pursuit of happiness. This song was written by Mashica, Myself and DJ Khalil, grammy award winning producer/songwriter, who makes some of the most killing sounds in MUSIC! we create amazing ideas together. Listen the floating synths ahhhh!!!

Chrysalis mentions flying because I "fly" in my dreams almost every night of the week and at the end of life as we ALL have to make that great transition into the Next, we are all continually in the "Chrysalis" stage. I speak in the prophetic an in the natural, the words are true, real and have power because I believe. Believe in yourself, your dreams, believe in LOVE and be changed! ...knowing that at EVERY stage of the divine process "You Are a Beautiful Work in progress" -Dontae Winslow

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